Sunday, August 10, 2014

Weekend Warriors

The weekend warriors, that's what we were this fine weekend! Kermit Gonzalez and I hammering away at fine tuning the details of story and designs. It takes forever to get all this type of stuff done up but we bulldozed it just the same in a few days, although we've been at this for years now but finalizing it felt that much sweeter to do. Next step is wrapping up final images before we begin the Kickstart journey!

Friday, July 18, 2014


Yeah yeah yeah, we've been gone for awhile and we're back! Re-tooling isn't as easy as you may think. From writing, creating, catching up with bills and even resting can all be chores but it all has to be done. Not enough hours in the day...

What to expect?

So we're gathering every ounce of energy we have left to begin the Kickstarter process. This will be our very first KS Campaign and we're making sure we don't leave anything out and tightening up all the products to look as pro as possible! Yes, we're excited and a bit scared as well. We have no clue where this will take us but either way we're ready for both outcomes and it's all steam ahead no matter what!

We're aiming for a late August early September launch and prepping lots of stuff so wish us well, we're gonna need it :)

More as we develop all this in the weeks to come.

Thursday, February 13, 2014


So posting has slowed down a bit due to the amount of work thats being put into our February work schedules. Armata is looking well with script restructures and getting all the other short stories ready for pencilling within the next few weeks is a bit of a daunting task but one that can be met. Gearing up for convention season mainly within Florida for now then Kickstarter for hopefully August of 2014. Just trying to align all our ducks here ;)

Working on keeping our production schedules snag free and overcoming any obstacles that come our way with super positive thinking and no stress which can be difficult but focus is the key and we're heading it straight on. A few images will soon be posted as character testing is still going on. Can't wait to get those up for viewing.

Monday, February 3, 2014


So January was a pretty interesting month, we took everyday very seriously and cranked out a sketch a day for the whole month. Not as easy as it sounds to tell ya the truth but discipline is key to getting a great start to a newer year before us. 2015 marks the catalyst to start dropping our titles online and in print along with digital formats. We're very excited about the new year and what we're building. So less talky talky and more worky, got it ;) 

Saturday, February 1, 2014



The link above will take you to the iOS app for Art Amino. As Onixan Productions gets more social this year we wanted to find some apps that'll get us a bit more in the public eye, specifically artist eyes. We found Art Amino app searching one day and next to DeviantArt this is just the cool ticket for many upstart artists out there wanting to connect and watch other artists. Tons of sketch works from a lot of young upstarts and a few top foreign artists. We love this app and the folks in there are super cool. Check out the app and join if possible.

They's also a members section up on DeviantArt here: Art Amino on dA

Thanks for taking a look and we hope to see you guys there too !