Sunday, July 5, 2015


Joining in the latest craze that all these youngsters are into nowadays, Periscope. If you don't know what it is then I'll school ya right quick. It's witchcraft I tell ya! Witchcraft!!!!

LoL - Well it's a property of Twitter so you can connect very quickly if you have a Twitter account. You can start watching folks who are on Periscope to see what's in their neck of the woods if & when they record video. It's mainly Live video where you can text the person you're viewing and they can converse back. It's really neat as long as bandwidth goes great. It also has a replay feature so you can view what was once live but with a drawback. You can't fast forward to certain spots of the video, you have to watch the whole thing again which is lame. But hoping they'll fix that later. 

For now, it's a very fun way to connect through vids and chat it up with your video host. Check it out ;) You can check mines out under my name Steven Sanchez & that's also my Twitter handle. 

Monday, June 29, 2015


Week after week I sit at the desk cranking out the much needed draft designs for the Onixan Universe. No, it's NOT an easy task. Onixan has been pushing forward since 1999 and failure is always the fear of creating an upstart studio production house. The good designs continue to make it as the bad designs just wither away. So how do you know what's a good design?

Well, if after awhile you come back like lets say a few days and the designs bug the heck out of you, then you know it's back to the drawing board with ya. Be persistant but take your time. I've been hard at work with Onixan Productions for over a decade and a half and time has been taken to make sure these characters last a good long while. I don't have a massive design team like these major studios where they can spend 4-5 years on a production. All in due time. 

Sunday, June 21, 2015


Anyone who follows me knows I enjoy my new found love of markers again! I was huge on Prisma Color Markers but when I was told Copic Markers were refillable? Oh, that was a total game changer. So I did what any sane illustrator would do... I invested in getting the entire set! Expensive? Oh, you bet! But worth it!!! 

The enjoyment of seeing originally colored pieces come to life on paper is well, awesome! So to all wondering, should I get into marker work? Yes! Copic is a great start. Build your collection. Look for deals and enjoy them. They'll be your secret second famly ;) Plus visit the copic site for their downloadable printable color chart. Here's the US link:

Steven Sanchez
Onixan Productions

Saturday, June 13, 2015


Investing is always great, but investing with the ability of making a fast return is better. So the Copic line was my massive investment and a wise one at that since the output of fully colored images was my return ;) Digital coloring is fantastic and costs nothing but nothing beats an original piece!

With the collection nearly all at hand the ideas now begin to flow as more possibilities are rearing in. I hope to have a ton of fum images to show soon but for now, still in the organization phase before Kickstarter campaign. :) 

Steven Sanchez
Onixan Productions

Tuesday, June 9, 2015


Full steam ahead! The Onixan Mobile-Verse is pushing forward daily; from design works, clipart & articles. We're aiming for an informative site expierience for those looking to learn how to be an artist as well as entertain with our projects. 

• In the beginning we'll be adding design works from our projects. 
• Then FREE Web-Comics. 
• Article based information about the creation process. 
• Video's & much more!

The wait has been long but when I'm the only one rockin all this neat stuff I can't afford to rush any part. More coming soon!

Steven Sanchez
Onixan Productions