Monday, June 29, 2015


Week after week I sit at the desk cranking out the much needed draft designs for the Onixan Universe. No, it's NOT an easy task. Onixan has been pushing forward since 1999 and failure is always the fear of creating an upstart studio production house. The good designs continue to make it as the bad designs just wither away. So how do you know what's a good design?

Well, if after awhile you come back like lets say a few days and the designs bug the heck out of you, then you know it's back to the drawing board with ya. Be persistant but take your time. I've been hard at work with Onixan Productions for over a decade and a half and time has been taken to make sure these characters last a good long while. I don't have a massive design team like these major studios where they can spend 4-5 years on a production. All in due time.